Monday, June 20, 2011

My Beloved Father

Yesterday, was Father’s Day...I wanted to write something for my dad, but I decided not to...My father and I share a special bond...when I need him he visits me in my dreams...he came last, I decided to write this

Stream of tears running down on her face, she couldn’t stop crying as the vehicle passed through the only the age of 20 she had to leave her homeland behind her and leave...a decision that was made for her...that was the sad part, she never had wanted to leave...up to this day she remembers how it felt, placing her head against her dad’s broad chest and hug him...the last time she said goodbye she tried to memorize every line on his face...the white hair...she hugged him tighter this time...much longer than their usual goodbyes...she knew that this was it, but couldn’t tell him she is leaving them behind...a decision that to this day has hunted her...her beloved father would die 5 years later and she never had a chance to say anymore beloved father...

Forever in my heart

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