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❤ Tiesto

It was July 7, 2011 when I saw a tweet from @JLC informing the world that Tiesto is coming to John Labbatt Centre in  London! I literally screamed and brought my hands to my face with an unbelievable shock that ran through me. You see, having JLC in our city is a big deal. I have driven to Toronto many times to see U2, Muse, ColdPlay, The Killers, and much more. But since JLC is here I have been enjoying this privilege without the cost of travelling and I get home in 10 minutes afterwards! I could not believe Tiesto had chosen London as his only stop in Ontario!
Surprisingly, I did not purchase my ticket right away for some reason! Then, for a short period of time, I hoped to be chosen as a JLC Reviewer but that did not happen since I don’t have many followers from London to nominate me! The morning of the concert, I bought my VIP ticket, and the whole day I was just pre-occupied by the thought of the concert that night. Going to concerts is a big deal for me regardless of who is performing.  The only time I allow myself to waste time in getting ready and occupy myself with makeup and my wardrobe is before going to any concerts. Otherwise, I’m a low maintenance girl with five minutes prep time required to get out the door.
Although I have been to many concerts of various magnitudes, I had never been in VIP sections till that night and I probably won’t bother with it again in the future. You see, the people who were non-VIPs were standing on the floor closer to the stage than VIP people. And for someone like me who dances like a maniac non-stop and doesn’t need to go back and forth for drinks and what not, the $26.00 or $36.00 ticket price would have sufficed.  As you go to more and more concerts, you learn what works for you and what doesn’t.
I always buy my favourite artists t-shirt, get my drink, show my ticket and go in. The gentlemen at the entrance to VIP section was trying to detangle lanyards and was so cute trying to do his best, but I teased him and turned it into a competition between him and the other lady at his side and said let’s see who can give me my lanyard and of course she won. Girl Power.
I got there around 8:30 and danced my feet off till 12:30! I could not stay till the end as I did not have painkillers to help me dance for a few more hours O_0!!
Going to concerts for me is about being with others and sharing the same excitement and feelings. I love watching people. My experience of going to a concert is all the small interactions that take place between me and the rest of the world. 
There was a tall handsome guy who was blocking my view, so I tapped him on his shoulder and with a big smile and hand movement told him I couldn’t see.  In return, he gave me a huge smile and moved to the other corner with his girlfriend and continued to dance with enthusiasm like no other. Or there was the couple who was making out X-RATEDLY and the couple beside me were telling me with the look in their eyes that they need to get a room. YES. People who were dressed completely were half naked midway through the concert. 
And the moments that I kept straightening my arms to let the cute boys know that that’s my personal spaceJ. The most fun part for me was toward the end of the night. I moved away from VIP and found a nice seat to get some rest. I started noticing that this concert, despite the name of it “CollegeInvasionTour” had people from all walks of life dancing. Each individual was enjoying themselves with lots of spaces between them unlike the front that you could elbow someone from each direction. I smiled as I watched them reading their faces how they did not have the care in the world and were lost in the music. And that’s when Adagio was played! 

I got off my seat and danced again without a care as well. When a random dude grabbed my hand I twirled and danced with him, filled with joy, and then let go and just danced around the arena taking pictures. I asked some people if I could take their picture and they said yes. Then I dance around the very dedicated employee who was trying so hard to focus on his job and I was taking my picture with him saying I’ll blog it and he just enthusiastically smiled.
As for Porter Robinson, I had not listened to him till that night and I am a big fan now. I danced non-stop and was able to get some very nice photos of him despite my low quality camera. 
I don’t need to tell you how amazing both Tiesto and Porter Robinson were that night. The only thing I can say is that I am so glad to have had the opportunity to listen to their work LIVE and dance to it. After Muse this is my 2nd favourite concert of all time.
I am a big fan of the JLC and am on the look out for their upcoming concerts. It is up to music fans to provide feedback and let the JLC know who we want to see and hear. Chris Campbell and his team have done an amazing job so far in bringing magical moments to many of us at the JLC. This is an interesting article about the John Labatt Centre.

“For me going to a concert isn't just about the artist, it's about the culture, the common thread that brings strangers together” – 

I should clarify that I don't expect to be JLC reviewer! NOT AT ALL! I am an avid concert goer and if I like to see any of my favourite artists I make sure to get my ticket! CHEERS!

Photos: All the photos posted are taken by my camera. 

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