Monday, April 30, 2012

Social Media - What's in your name?

I stumbled across a social experiment which I had not intended to do! I was baffled by what I noticed.

There are so many articles out there teaching people how to maintain their social media, what to do to engage their audience, how to gain followers, have people like your pages, and gain subscribers.

They also talk about how your profile picture is important for your marketing success. People look at your bio and profile picture, make a quick judgment and decide if you’re worth following.

But what about using our real name in the social media? What if your name is not typical, common, white, English, European name?

Have you ever thought that you might be judged based on your name?

I have various twitter and YouTube accounts based on my interests. The accidental social experiment proved that although I am the same person behind the scene operating many accounts, more people were accepting of me when I used a non-ethnic name combined with a profile picture that represented western culture and familiarity. In both cases, most of the content remained the same. In one example, when I approached an individual indicating an interest in their network, I was totally ignored. The same individual approached me at a much later date when I had a much different name than my original ethnic name. The person really does not know who I am. They do not know me personally. But they judged me based on my name and decided whether they wanted to interact with me or not. I must say, I really don’t care for that individual very much now.

We all judge, misjudge, assess, and re-assess. I don’t follow someone who talks about fashion. The same goes for me, not everyone wants to follow someone who is tweeting for human rights and amnesty. My tweets are not fun, but rather of the sad, serious, troublesome world we live in. It is reasonable and logical that people choose to interact with others based on their mutual interests.

But then again, there are those that interact with others based on their names.

Do you have the RIGHT name?! You have less than a minute to impress...