Sunday, July 31, 2011

Emergency Alert in Horn of Africa - Many Ways To Make Donations

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For the past few weeks, my tweets have been focusing on famine in South East Africa as I find the dire situation in Africa heartbreaking and requiring our utmost attention.  The shift is a necessary and important one to raise awareness and help facilitate donations to prevent the senseless loss of innocent lives.

When reading article after article, I find myself filled with many emotions. I get angry reading that some political groups deny their own people food and shelter in the name of an ideology which I find unacceptable and frustrating. I cry reading that a mother had to decide between her children and left her 3 year old on the side of the road to die to save the other two. I’m enraged to read six year old girls getting raped on their way to find food. I find myself very sad that as human beings we are failing at many levels. It is time to wake up and help our fellow brothers and sisters in the Horn of Africa, it is time to save children who are subjected to war, hunger, rape, disease, and we should not close our eyes and pretend it is not happening. We need to step up and help as much as we can.

This blog is not about analyzing the underlying issues and problems facing Somalia, neighbouring countries, and in Africa.  Although it is imperative to be knowledgeable and find a long term solution to the famine situation, at this point the attention should be focused solely on humanitarian efforts to save lives.

The purpose of this blog is to post all related links for donation in one place to allow you easy donations to your favourite charity or organization. I will try to post all the links. If you have a link that you know I have missed, please let me know.


Click on the logos below to make a *DONATION*

Fighting Hunger Worldwild

UNICEF - $10 can feed a child for 10 days

Immediate response to emergency medical needs 


Plan Canada 

united states funds
Provide Lifesaving Plumpy'nut® in Horn of Africa 

The British Red Cross 

"One in 6 people suffers from chronic hunger"
Put pressure on politicians to end hunger. Sign the petition, and push for action wherever you are.

Play Freerice and feed the hungry                                          Help end child hunger

"Josette Sheeran, the head of the UN's World Food Program, talks about why, in a world with enough food for everyone, people still go hungry, still die of starvation, still use food as a weapon of war. Her vision: "Food is one issue that cannot be solved person by person. We have to stand together." TEDTALK

Somali refugees need your help now!

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