Saturday, July 23, 2011

RIP Amy Winehouse

We make connections with artists through their music. The relationship becomes stronger as the lyrics seem to be written specifically keeping you in mind. We all have those songs that are forever special in our hearts and we have stories to tell that are specific and unique to our experiences. For me, Amy’s “Back to Black” “Tears Dry on Their Own” and “Love is a Losing Game” are those songs.

Hearing of her death, I’m not shocked. But I am saddened. It is unfortunate to see the society we live in making money off of peoples’ misery and misfortune. Amy had drug and alcohol problems, and we did not hesitate to make fun of her, post pictures of her in her most vulnerable position and point fingers at her. What could have society done as a whole to prevent her tragic death? How many Amys are out there that need help but the only thing they get is a snigger or a dirty look? Those of you, who made money talking trash about her, I hope life treats you well. But I doubt my well wishes would stop bad karma heading your way.

We are all vulnerable at some level, when feeling desperate and alone. It happens. During those times we need a shoulder to cry on and someone to listen to us. We don’t need to be judged, ridiculed, pointed finger at, and publicly humiliated.

  ❤ RIP Amy 

Buried her heart a while ago, her sad soul could not stay far behind.
A talent left us too soon.

If you are reading this and have drug or alcohol addictions, please ask for help.

On the first anniversary of Winehouse's death, it's worth remembering just what a natural, instinctive musician she was...

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